A REAL Middle Class Republican, who believes YOU matter!

A middle-class husband and father of four beautiful children, a taxpayer, and a concerned citizen, John Leshko knows what matters most to the citizens of the 123rd District. John’s mission is to bring REAL, much needed change to Pennsylvania’s 123rd Legislative District and beyond. John, an Eagle Scout, has lived a life of service and giving back to the community, and is ready to serve our under-served communities as your State Representative.

“It’s time we agree that local politics is not about parties, it’s not about how much money you have, or who your friends are. It’s about the future, jobs, and taxes that aren’t coming back from Harrisburg. It’s about drug addiction, under-serviced demographics, and frankly, human decency.”

John, like many people in Schuylkill County, genuinely cares about the future of the area. After he graduated from the Pennsylvania State University, he made it a point to come back to the place he loved most. He found a successful and rewarding career in retail management. As a champion of change in his professional position, he has successfully created a new brand for his employer. John is currently a project manager for Fortune 500 company Liberty Procurement, a division of Bed, Bath & Beyond.

John is a firm believer in serving others and brining about needed change. As an Eagle Scout, he has done many great things for this community. As part of his service-driven character, he took the vacated seat of Middleport mayor in 2011. He won the seat in 2013, and again in 2017. He was responsible for bringing an active police force to Middleport.

“If you believe your voice matters, as much as I do, then make the choice to vote for change. Not for a politician, but for a taxpayer, a parent, a concerned citizen.”

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Last but not least, please remember to VOTE JOHN LESHKO on JUNE 2, 2020!